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7875 Tranmere Dr. Mississauga, ON. L5S 1T8


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about us

A-One’s Samosas & Snacks is a family owned and operated business that started in London, England over 35 years ago. The location in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada opened its doors in 1997. Our wholesale factory opened in 2014. We have pioneered a unique technique in making the world famous Indian savoury snack – the samosa using Mom’s special recipe. Our special dough is like no other in all of North America. Customers travel from near and far, proving that our product is simply the best.

Our samosas are prepared fresh daily. Unlike most snacks in the market today, each and every AONE’s samosa is hand made. We are perhaps the only ones doing by hand. The core of our successful samosa is its quality. Ethnic food faces the challenge of acceptance among the masses due to quality factor.

We addressed this misconception from day one by using top quality ingredients. We use special dough, authentic spices, market fresh vegetables and clean meats. In addition to veggie samosas we also prepare chicken and beef samosas. Various other similar assortments are also used as fillings to make the samosas a delectable snack choice. We also prepare excellent chutneys (condiments) that accompany these samosas.
We also prepare other Indian snacks like pakoras and spring rolls. One of the biggest reasons of our Samosa’s popularity is the properly balanced spice level. Our customers are from diverse cuisines therefore we have to keep our recipe very universal that would satisfy most taste buds. This is done by our continued research and collection of customer feedback. We innovate, and explore options like gluten free, baked vs. fried and so on. The care and detail that goes in preparing each samosa makes it an exquisite snack. Large orders are packaged and shipped under careful supervision ensuring correct selection, quantity and destination.
It all began with our mom’s cherished family recipe which became the basis for a delectable corporate success story in London UK, enabling everyone to experience the great taste which was a daily fixture of growing up in our home.

It all started in London, UK in the early 80s. Popularity of the samosa inspired us to produce it for business. We wanted all to enjoy the samosa that we prepared in our very unique way. After enjoying amazing success in UK, we moved to Canada.
We started as a home based business and soon established our first production facility and retail store in 1997. In addition to the local customers, we soon had customers coming from GTA and USA.
To meet this exceeding demand we setup our wholesale and larger production facility in Brampton, now in Mississauga. In this factory we prepare large volumes of samosa which is distributed to large food stores, banquet halls, restaurants etc. This facility features state-of-the-art equipment and a large, clean and meticulously maintained kitchen. We aspire to develop ourselves as a mainstream brand that is recognized for providing amazing gourmet snacks.