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7875 Tranmere Dr. Mississauga, ON. L5S 1T8


Today Open: 9:00am-7:00pm

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byRawl R onA-One's Samosas & Snacks
Rawl R

Probably the best samosas around. Good size. I was impressed with the safety measures they have in place. The service is swift. They do a good job. Parking isn't bad. The location isn't bad. I would expect that with their success, they might move to a more premier location but their current location is doing just fine.

I will return. Thanks.

byDeepak Mahey onA-One's Samosas & Snacks
Deepak Mahey

The staff is very friendly and will provide all information regarding the food items if you're new to the Indian cuisine. They have classic, cottage cheese, chicken and beef samosas. Their special sauce compliments samosas like no other sauce. The place is mostly crowded so brace up for little wait.

byPrabhsimran Singh onA-One's Samosas & Snacks
Prabhsimran Singh

I tried veg samosa and cheese samosa,
Do crunchy.
Love it.
I am gonna try something more next time.

byNavdeep Singh onA-One's Samosas & Snacks
Navdeep Singh

Hands down the best samosas in the GTA. Love the red sauce that comes with them, I always get extra.

bySaleem Abbas onA-One's Samosas & Snacks
Saleem Abbas

Hands down the best samosas. The wait time is longer than expected. Possibly a more automated solution to retrieve customer orders can be included in the list of future enhancements to provide increased service. The owner is great and very dedicated. Keep up the good work, and appreciate how these are hand made - quality and taste really shine.