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7875 Tranmere Dr. Mississauga, ON. L5S 1T8


Today Open: 9:00am-7:00pm

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Bringing you the latest in cuisine and culture

Celebrate Diwali with A-One’s Samosas & Snacks

This Diwali, celebrate the auspicious occasion with your loved ones, sweetened by the deliciousness that A One Catering brings in everything they create. Sweets and snacks, prepared with the highest quality ingredients, by experienced and professional chefs promise to make your festivities not just sweet but also memorable – call/visit A One Catering and pre-order {...}

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Great Food “Simply The Best!”

A-One makes some of the best samosas in the city and also serves Indian sweets and treats, all preservative-free. They don’t do wholesale, and the recipe for the famous samosas was pioneered by the mother of the Chatha family that runs the place. The interior is spacious with a massive production area in the back, and {...}

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